PoolControl CPU & module update

Here you'll find all the nessecary files and software to update the firmware on PoolControl CPU, motor module and relais module.
Note that this is a delicate procedure and has to be done with your undevided attention.

This software download and installation on PC is needed only ones.

Updating the Firmware on the CPU



The programmer cable must only be connected when the CPU and modules are NOT powered. (Switch off the PC2 completely!)

CPU and modules will get power from the programmer cable.

If the CPU or modules are powered and connected with the programmer-cable it will damage your computer, CPU and/or modules and programmer-cable.

Connecting the programmer cable while CPU and/or modules are powered is not covered by our warranty.

Connect the programmer to the computer and CPU or modules

  1. Cut power to the CPU (switch of the PC2)

  2. Connect the Programmer cable to your computer with the USB cable.

  3. Connect the programmer to the CPU. (see images below)
    The "flat cable" should always be on the outside of the PCB
    As soon as you connect the programmer the CPU or module should start-up, it gets power from the Programmer.

Connect programmer to CPU

Connect programmer to Relay module

Connect programmer to Motor module

Always check the hardware revision number.

There is different firmware for the CPU (main unit) with revision number 8 and lower and one for revision number 9 and higher.

For the Cover and relay module there is only one version of the firmware.

"FwMainUnit_v2_Rev 8 and below.abs" is the FW for the CPU with revision number 8 and below.

"FwMainUnit_v15_Rev 9 and above.abs" is the FW for the CPU with revision number 9 and above.

Open the "HCS08 Programmer" software on you PC
You'll find it in the "USBDM" folder

Once the HCS08 program opens it looks like this (Right image -->)

  1. Click the tab "Target" in the flash programmer

  2. Click the "Load Hex File" button to select the correct FW-File...
    First check the Hardware "Build revision number" on the CPU or Module.
    You can find the build version of the CPU, Cover or relay module on the module itself.
    It is printed on the PCB. (See images above)

    Download the Firmware files here...

  1. To check the connection and let the software automatically select the device click the "Detect Chip" button.

  2. Then click the "Load and Go" button to upload the firmware to the module.
    When it is done click "No" in the popup window.

  3. Disconnect the programmer cable from the CPU or modules.

  4. Switch the PC2 back on.

How to update firmware on CPU and motormodule