PC2 Service Display

Service Display for PC2 Control boxes.

  • Pluggable with precabled connector and X20 (Display) port in the PC2 Control box
Service Display X20 and Y-Connector.pdf

Some of the earlier versions of the PC2 control box are not equipped with an X20 (Display) port.
They are however equipped with a X11 (RC Option) and a X12 (Extra Relais Option) port.

We designed a Y-adaptor connector to use both X11 and X12 ports to connect the Service Display to the PC2 system.
The Y-Adaport is delivered with the Service Display

NOTE: A PC2 Without an X20 (Display) port probably needs a CPU Firmware update before the PC2 can communicate with the Service Display

If the time in the right top corner of the main screen of the service display shows 0:00 there is no communication with the CPU and an FW update is needed.
Keep in mind that it can take up to 5sec for the display to update the time.

Check out the PC2 Support website for a step-by-step manual to update the CPU Firmware. https://poolcontrol.covrex.com

Service display Y-Adaptor.pdf