Multicable (OLD) & PoolConnect (NEW)

Quick Connection guide

PoolConnect for PoolControl (touchscreen) control box

  • The PoolControl (touchscreen) control box uses a 3-wire PT100 temperature sensor for pool-water temperature

A4 PoolConnect for PC (PT100).pdf

PoolConnect for PC2 (Online) control box

  • The PC2 (online) control box uses a 2-wire PT1000 temperature sensor for poolwater and outside temperature.

A4 PoolConnect for PC2 (PT1000).pdf

For reference, the old LPW multicable connections

LPW Pools Multicable 2018.pdf

The multi wire cable for PoolConnect is different then the multi wire cable for the old LPW Multicable.

The old cable has 10 x 1,5mm² wires and 10 x 4mm² wires and has a diameter of +/- 20mm

The new PoolConnect multi wire cable has 16 x 1,5mm² wires and 4 x 4mm² wires and has a diameter of +/- 18mm