PoolControl 2 ECO - Infinity

Version 2 of the PC2ECO control box has a switch added on the unit's door to quickly control the filter pump. (Continue / OFF / AUTO-APP)

If the type designation of your PoolControl ends with "AP", for example "PC2-V2-AP" or "PC2ECO-AP", that means your PoolControl is equipped for heavier lighting.
Up to 150W.

Please, keep in mind that the PC2 and PC2ECO need a hardware (RJ45) connection to the internet to be able to control it from you mobile phone

Click the PDF to find out more about the different ways to get internet to you PoolControl2.

PC2 Internet connectio guide.pdf

Quick Connection guide

A4 Connection Guide Sticker PC2ECO-INF.pdf

Using your heathing trough Heat exchanger or similar? This is how you connect it

PC2ECO heating with circulation pump.pdf

Electrical schematics


PT1000 Temperature sensors used for PC2



Trouble shooting PT1000:

You can measure the resistance of the sensor with an Ohm-meter.
A good PT1000 will show +/-1000Ω at 0°C, +/-1039 at 10°C, +/-1078 at 20°C, +/-1117 at 30°C
Klick here for the complete temperature vs resistance value table.

Frequency Converter Speed settings.

PC2ECO Drive speed setting manual.pdf

App Manual

PC2 App Manual.pdf

App password reset after pool startup. (Dealers / Technicians)

PC2 Dealer logon-reset procedure.pdf