PoolControl Eco S

Standard ECO PoolControl (Currently not available)
Power supply 230v mono, Max 16A.

  • Full color touchscreen in cabinet door.
  • Remote control 2 channel (cover, LEDs).
  • Speed controlled Pool cover up to 240 Watt
    • Cover status potential free output. (Comm., N.O., N.C.)
  • Output LED lighting 12v 35w. (White or Multicolor) (150W "AP" versions)
  • Output for 3f Filterpump. Stepless speedcontrol by frequency converter
    • Auxiliary start input
    • Output UV lamp.
  • Water heating control.
    • Frost monitoring
    • Output circulation pump 230v.
    • Control output (Potential-free contact NO).
    • Input PT100 (temp. sensor).
  • Input for water level monitoring.
    • Output water valve 230v.

If the type designation of your PoolControl ends with "AP", for example "PCONE-AP" or "PCECO-AP", that means your PoolControl is equipped for heavier lighting. Up to 150W.

Quick Connection guide

A4 Connection Guide Sticker PCECO New and Old Multicable.pdf

Electrical schematics


Frequency drive settings

Drive config full Eng.pdf

ATV12 (Frequency drive) EU DECLARATION


PT100 Temperature sensors used for PC1

(Covrex order code: 515-405)

Self adhesive PT100

Trouble shooting PT100:

You can measure the resistance of the sensor with an Ohm-meter.
A good PT100 wil show +/-100Ω at 0°C, +/-103.9 at 10°C, +/-107.8 at 20°C, +/-111,5 at 30°C
Klick here for the complete temperature vs resistance value table.

User Manual


Instructional Video's