PoolControl Eco

Standard ECO PoolControl (Currently not available)
Power supply 230v mono, Max 16A.

  • Full color touchscreen in cabinet door.
  • Remote control 2 channel (cover, LEDs).
  • Pool cover control up to 240 Watt
    • Cover status potential free output. (Comm., N.O., N.C.)
  • Output LED lighting 12v 35w. (White or Multicolor) (150W "AP" versions)
  • Output for 3f Filterpump. Stepless speedcontrol by frequency converter
    • Auxiliary start input
    • Output UV lamp.
  • Water heating control.
    • Frost monitoring
    • Output circulation pump 230v.
    • Control output (Potential-free contact NO).
    •  Input PT100 (temp. sensor).
  • Input for water level monitoring.
    • Output water valve 230v.

If the type designation of your PoolControl ends with "AP", for example "PCONE-AP" or "PCECO-AP", that means your PoolControl is equipped for heavier lighting. Up to 150W.

Quick Connection guide

A4 Connection Guide Sticker PCECO New and Old Multicable.pdf

Electrical schematics

1-PC ECO-V2.pdf

Frequency drive settings

Drive config full Eng.pdf

ATV12 (Frequency drive)  EU DECLARATION


PT100 Temperature sensors used for PC1

(Covrex order code: 515-405)

Self adhesive PT100

Trouble shooting PT100:

You can measure the resistance of the sensor with an Ohm-meter.
A good PT100 wil show +/-100Ω at 0°C, +/-103.9 at 10°C, +/-107.8 at 20°C, +/-111,5 at 30°C
Klick here for the complete temperature vs resistance value table.

User Manual


Instructional Video's