PoolControl MINI-V3

PoolControl  MINI
Power supply 230v Mono, max 16A

  • Control for Sirem motors up to 300W
  • Output for LED and multi color LED, 12V, 35W max (150W for "AP" versions)

Added intelligence in comparison with previous PCGO (v1)
  • Lighting will turn off automatically when the cover is closed
  • Optional remote (RCSETPC2) can be used

If the type designation of your PoolControl ends with "AP", for example "PCONE-AP" or "PCECO-AP", that means your PoolControl is equipped for heavier lighting. Up to 150W.

Quick Connection guide

A4 Connection Guide Sticker PCMINI-V3.pdf

Electrical schematics

Schema PCMINI-V3 Official.pdf

User Manual

PCMINI User manual English

PCMINI-V4 Manual ENG.pdf

PCMINI User manual Dutch

PCMINI-V4 Manual NL 2023.pdf

Instructional Video's